all about us

UNIT UNLIKELY consists of Tijs Duel and Sebastiaan de Monte. Two Dutch designers with a passion for physical interaction design and sound. Our curiosity for craft, art and technology resulted in us developing a broad set of skills.


Using our playful approach to design and our experience in interaction design we can design innovative concepts, installations and prototypes for your company or event.

One of our projects - Roly Poly Radio

With the arrival of online streaming services and smartphones, music has become omni-present and near effortless.


Roly Poly Radio was designed to bring music back to the foreground. The design is operated by giving it a tap causing it to gently rock. It plays music as long as it moves.


Roly Poly Radio was presented as a playful design at our Dutch Design Week 2015 exhibition.


our skills


3D printing

Laser cutting

Kartonnage (Die cut)




Processing (Java)

arduino (C)






Fusion 360 (modelling)

Eagle (PCB design)

Illustrator (laser cutting)

Coreldraw (laser cutting)

Die cutting (packaging)

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